The Joys of Using a Computer

Oops, I almost bit my tongue off writing that! Between Apple’s up grades and Coursera’s demand for money to submit my “Capstone” story; and these bastards at WordPress putting commercial cookie monsters to work, the collapse of our gov’t, breaking my last pair of glasses and being a truly pathetic typist. I hope you will forgive me for taking 4 months to write anything. If you read my postings you will see several writing assignments taken from my Creative Writing courses online. My final assignment was called my ‘capstone’ project, basically a fifteen page story, utilizing all the things I allegedly learned in my previous classes. I worked on the story I call Hell in Hawaii or High Water. But; FIFTEEN PAGES? …really? So in search of more pages I researched the Hawaiian Islaand s ; which would make James A. Michener proud, looking for more pages, I made plausible backgrounds for Aikika and Luna. I submitted 5 pages in rough draft only to be told that to submit a final draft they want $80. Enough, already. I am being kicked out of the computer store now, till whenever I can again.

2 thoughts on “The Joys of Using a Computer

  1. Mr. Raab, if you are at an address in Port Townsend, WA please contact me as I am receiving your postal
    mail for some reason. Thanks.


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