23,000 Miles later

Well it’s about I find myself at the keyboard again. Yes, been away for a while. Without the luxury of the outlets and tables of Starbucks, or libraries any more, I have just been driving around somewhat aimlessly, till now. The fine folks at Hadlock Computer Services are allowing me a desk and and an outlet with which to continue my rants from! Their email is hcs@hadlock computers.com and their web page is Hadlockcomputers.com. Magic Mike is a genius and can help you! So as this is the celestial beginning of a new season, I will post some of my favorite things here , now.

Sometimes, as we walk this path of enlightenment and understanding, it is a lonely road indeed.  The main purpose is to look at ourselves and be clear on just who we are without needing
the acceptance and validation of others.  As I write this, I am speaking to myself as well as to you.  It is not always easy to sit with myself and learn to trust that all is as I have arranged it
prior to coming to this planet.  Much easier to look outside for approval, but not why we are here. from her Cosmic Musings; by Tracy Russel

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.           ― Buckminster Fuller

“The best prose is written in a tolerant and cool voice. If you are temperate and measured, and if you marshal your evidence with the attitude that your reader is a friend you want to persuade rather than a foe you want to slay, you will probably have a better chance of carrying your point.”  Richard Marius, A Writer’s Companion 19-20 (1985).

“Here’s to it and from it and to it again; If I hadn’t met you, I wouldn’t let you; but since I met ya’,  I’ll let you again!”…Gus

9-rules-for-being-human1 copy

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