The Saga of Snowflake

On the first day of Christmas, as I sat relishing my time at one of my favorite spots along the River at Parker, Arizona, a lonely little seabird paddled straight towards me from up river. This was a bit unusual, for they tend to stay in a flock. But she was swimming a bit weakly and I knew she was hurt. Pretty badly, as her right wing was dragging behind her. As she neared the beach, I saw her painfully  scramble up the rocks. She was staring at me. In the eyes. My mind heard her ask me for help. So I took her to a bird help mission in Lake Havasu City, up river ’bout 45 miles. Only to be told that this sweet lil’ bird could not be saved as the damage was beyond repair. Apparently it is not uncommon for waterfowl to get injured by power boats. We could not save Snowflake, the seagull.

Fly higher,  Snowflake, fly higher!

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