The Tail of Two Kittys


 FEELING ROTTON AFTER SPENDING THANKSGIVING with your family, you finally head East, out of the utter mayhem of the beaches, the basin, and the congestion that cities always generate. And as the desert’s vast vista opens up before you, you feel a therapeutic cleansing of your soul. Following the old highway that you had learned to drive a trucks on, you feel your excitement was coming back! As you reach the good old Colorado River, most of the pain of living is subsiding! The Doctor’s appointment is not until Friday, so you’re thinking it would be good to spend a few days at the River to refresh your mind and body, and hang around the truck stop in Ehrenburg, just like in the old days, when you were young.

Being right on the water is fun, even though the water is too cold to jump in. The little Loons, ducks and even otters are here.  Since you had driven trucks for so long, it is easy for you to get free showers and coffee, (a must), WiFi, TV and comrade’ at the Flying J truck stop.,
On about the third night there, while wishing you could afford a writing course on your computer, a rather bodacious lady sits in the booth next to you and includes you in her seemingly unending yet inane conversation. Irritated at first, you finally acquiesce and offer her a cup of coffee. This is a ritual as old as trucking itself. To your amusement, you listen to her, for, after all she is a woman; and discover to your delight that you like her! When she tells you that she is trying to find a ride to a little saloon just the other side of the bridge, in California, in order to rescue a lost doggie; you can’t help but offer to lend a hand by driving her over; for the low price of a beer.
After crossing the bridge to California, and passing through the agricultural inspection station, you pull into the Lilly’s Place parking lot. Bellying up to Lilly’s bar, she orders a couple o’ beers, and goes outside.The man that should have had the dog, shows up with two kittens in a box instead. OH, MY GOD! Only about six weeks old, cold, starving, emaciated, in shock and traumatized; you are stunned. She found a towel to wrap them in, as it it near freezing! You immediately find some half and half coffee creamers to start feeding them.  She has them in a towel and finds a small box for them. You have raised tons of kittens when you were a kid, but never have you seen a kitten so atrophied as to be unable to even lift it’s head. It was the next day that she had you drive them to the vet in Blythe. She was totally taken in by these kittens, and planned on doing whatever it took to save them. So after pay the good vet over a hundred bucks for looking at then and  some vitamins and such; she warned her about the one who was much weaker than the Orange Marmalade lookin’ one.
She was right. That night, after naming them Fire and Ice, Ice, the grey one, died. She had to leave that night, and ask you would you please bury her down by the river. Okay, you say, feeling really bad, but happy about the prospects of Fire’s future as a truck driver!
You are now confronted with the proper burial of a kitten! Not sure how to proceed; but with the whole saving the cats thing still in your heart, you want to do it right. At just the right time, a  Mystic friend of yours calls. You tell her of your task. She gets it right away, and instructs you to bury the cat with a new leaf off of a nearby tree. You get it, and treat the burial as if you are preparing the kittens soul for his next life! So you make the addition of a tiger’s eye stone, that a stranger had given you the day before, and place it on the kitten’s eye, and hope she will get to be a strong tiger in her next reincarnation! You place the leaf on the towel for her new life. And just for good measure, you place a rock from your favorite beach; a place that always gives you peace and rest. Then, as you place this all in a neatly shoveled out grave on the bank of the river, you decide to take pictures of it. It is only much later, whilst downloading the images to your computer Photos, that you realize the picture of the full Moon you shot the other day, places the Moon right in line with Ice’s grave, and the moon-water reflection in a perfect line !
As you reflect on what you just did, from helping to save a helpless kitten, to burying one that would not be saved; a strange feeling of oneness with all encompasses your entire being! You think you hear a soft purring? Is this what all of history’s rituals were all about? For now you truly understand that the passing of spirit between worlds is real, even for a tiny spirit of a tiny kitten. You have made a difference!
A couple of days later, the lady trucker calls you and tells you how Fire, the other little kitten is growing, gaining energy and weight. Playing and purring a lot she sleeps at her feet in the bunk of the Diesel semi, that is now her home. Pleased, You smile, and feel a warm gratefulness and love of life like you have never known before, that reaches through your soul and touches the heart of God, and you know that your life has been changed forever.

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