High Water in Paradise

Ikaika loved his job as a park ranger for the Hawaiian State Park system. Being native born, his parents taught him the traditional ways of the Hawaiian peoples, and how to integrate it with the modern era, which included a stint in the Navy, where he had been a Seal. So in his role as a ranger, he knew what trouble Hoales can get themselves into while vacationing here. Like taking lava rocks home, after being warned that Pele did not like that! Most, however were respectful of the laws regulations and rules, which are designed to keep them out of trouble as much as to protect the natural environment.

Luna was born to Harmony; a groupie in a commune somewhere near Santa Clara, California. Some years ago, she lost track of her Mom, but she never lost track of the trust fund that was set up by her mother’s lovers. So when Luna stayed in Quartzsite in Spider and Serenity’s bus; they taught her all about witchcraft and magic, and aromatherapy too; all while wearing yoga pants. She was happy to fill the fuel tank and buy organic food for them. Good Karma, you know!  She met Weasel, who sold magic stones, and could tell her about the miraculous power of different types of crystals. Then she met a psychic who told her to go to Hawaii, that she could save the islands from a coming disaster by dancing and singing with her magic Crystal to align the energies of Gaia and the Planets to stop the typhoon! That was her mission.

Ikaika did not need a weather report to tell him a moderate Typhoon was headed to the Islands. His gut felt it. He had loaded up his Bronco with his water togs, flares, blankets, ropes, shovel, small chain saw, First Aid kit, flashlights and survival gear the night before. He thought he knew what  lay in store for him this day. As he drove down the hi-way he looked around all the areas where a tourists usually get into trouble. So far so good; no problems by noon, everybody seemed to be playing it safe.

Luna had arrived on the last flight before the storm. She loaded her rental car with her crystals and several books on how to use them. She knew what beach she wanted, from Google, it looked perfect! She only had to move one barricade to get to the 200 ft ladder down to the little cay. From there she could do her dance to the divinities, and calm the angry sea, without being seen. The wind did not seem too bad, Luna thought it liked her!

Ikaika felt the barametric drop as the second belt of rain hit the chain, with an increase in wind velocity. His wipers were next to useless, but something caught his eye; an out of place barricade! A cold sensation swept inside him. no, no one would… but there it was, a car down by the ladder to Destruction Bay. Still not wanting to believe it, Ikaika parked behind the rental car, and looked into the blowing rain down at the beach; and saw her!

Luna was startled when the wind picked up and the rain increased, but still not too bad. She clung to the ladder a little bit harder now, and safely stepped to the black sand. The beach was a mess!  Palm trees and all manner of flotsam and jetsam were being blown up the beach;  the waves were breaking over 15 ft. and it was harder to stand up, she had to lean into the gale. Reaching into her knapsack, she retrieved a hot Starbucks in a small thermos, and the Magic Crystal. She would end this shortly.

Ikaika had seen all manner of drunk, stoned, and just plain stupid tourists from all over the world, but he was no way prepared for this! But there she was, painted head to foot, wearing only bracelets, and beads; with a Cafe’ Mocha in one hand, and a rock in the other, running around the beach screaming incoherently at the waves! He yelled at her, but she could not hear him over the increasing volume of the howling wind. So down the ladder he went, to order her to get up to her car and head back to hotel.

As the little Rock Maiden sang to the spirits of the island and the wind and the sea, she was almost in a trance. it was all so exciting to be one with Gaia! Almost orgasmic! …’Till she tripped. ” OWW- W ” she caterwauled. It really hurt!  Luna had lost her crystal and worse, spilled her Starbucks! Sand was stuck on her paint and she lost her clothes and backpack. And a horrible monster was roaring and coming to git her!

Ikaika was laughing so hard at the incredulity of this scene, however; he slipped on about the fourth rung, and caught his other foot in the ladder as he flailed painfully around. he knew it was broken, so he called to the woman on the beach for help, which only scared Luna more, so she started crying. Ikaika pulled himself up, and very gently stepped onto the beach. At the same time, Luna saw a Park ranger hobbling to rescue her. Frightened and embarassed she held her knees to her breasts and kept on crying. Ikiaka was almost ready to cry too, because he somehow knew what the little girl was trying to do, and it touched his soul. He found her clothes and handed them to her. As if on cue, the wind and rain stopped and the waves flattened out; and a strong voice came from out of nowhere:  “Ikaika, what’s going on down there? the Commander wanted us to find you!” his partners shouted on a bull horn from above.

After the storm was over, Luna and Ikaika, both on crutches, sat at a Starbucks enjoying a couple of Cafe’ Mochas watching the Sun set. She was so fascinated with the Park Service, Ikaika had given her an application to join. Their were entry level jobs that she was perfect for! Like returning lava rocks from the mail room to Pele’s volcano!

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