From Where I Sprang


When the Orange groves were planted in Southern California, they knew that citrus needed protection from the climatic peculiarities of the area. One of these is what the Indians call the  Devil Winds; the Spanish called them Santa Anas. These hot Sirocco like winds are gusty; like up eighty miles an hour. So to protect the orange crops, they used the Australian Blue Gum Eucalyptus as windbreaks. This lil ‘kid grew up under these trees, and when he was only learning to talk, he was not always right in the way he heard word, so he repeated what he thought he heard.. His home was not far from the El Toro Marine Helicopter Base. While playing he would look up and see the Helicopters flying through the Eucalyptus. It was in his childish mind that he had merged two words and called them Helicalyptus trees. It made perfect sense to him, but there is no tellin’ why he called spiders bi-wats! Mom used to say, only his not twin brother really could understand him.

His house was under the windbreak and surrounded by orange trees. On the east side was the Chicken Ranch. The whole neighborhood was carved out of orange groves in a bowel of hills, not far from Anaheim, where Walt Disney would eventually create the most famous fun park on earth. Many neighbors had horses and other animals too. Over the hill and seven miles away, was the town of Orange, California. Farther away, were snow mountains and beaches. It was literally a paradise to grow up in. At least until he was forced against his will to be dropped off at Kindergarten. After a while school wasn’t too bad. Then there was Holy Family Catholic School. On the day Mom took him to sign in for first gr, he met Diane Wagner. Her Mom was signing her up too. This, then was  the backdrop behind some future stories yet to be penned , by a soon to be famous good looking and fabulously wealthy author.

 The little boy had an older brother and sister, and an almost twin brother and was about to get a little sister. This was his world for the next 19 years. During those years Orange County was growing really fast, as was the rest of California.



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