Happy New Year

The progression of our Planet has once again past the Solstice in it’s yearly sojourn around our lovely little Star. My NASCAR theory of the Universe clearly states that when an object in motion, be it a race car or a planet, comes into a curve, said object undergoes more lateral G stress than in the straighter part of  the eclipse. On the track, this is where most crashes occur. On the Planet, this is when most earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes , and all manner of mayhem is likely to occur during these tighter corners in our orbit.

So now that we have passed the Winter Solstice, and Christmas, and the Gregorian New year, and the Sun has decided to start moseying back towards Spring; I got some work to do. I have completed my first writing course online, so anyone who is brave enough to read these silly meanderings of my off kilter mind, you have been warned! I am now enrolled in philosophy, science, and religion classes for to help me in my backgrounds.

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