No, it was not a “Go Fund me ” scam. I wanted a creative writing class from Coursera, but as I am limited in funds, I was curious about their new funding program. So I signed up! The last field of the application asked why I wanted this course! …well-ll, I was glad they asked. I then decided to go for broke; as I never expected to get it anyway.

What I was thinking was a balls to the walls dissertation on how I am tired of the conventional writing of the past several thousand years. You know, from, oh, Plato to Nora Roberts and Tom Clancy et al. I have to humbly admit I was fired up and inspired for some silly reason. What came off my pen was totally outsane! It reminds me of one of my brothers who, in filling out an application to the Catholic Seminary when he was about 13, matter-of-factly included his desire to be the first priest on Mars. Nowadays, that may not even raise an eyebrow, as thousands have responded to the possibility of going to Mars! He was flatly rejected!

In this vein of seemingly absurd possibilities and fanciful thinking that seem strangely possible to me; I wrote a short comment in the “required fields” section of my computer application form. I do wish I had a copy of it. My answer was that people needed to read my writings to ascend from the mundane to a higher level of writing styles. My future writings, I told them, would change literature for centuries, and stop writings like  Vogan Poetry, or The Jabberwoky from disabling future generations .   Oh, Yeah; I got the grant!!


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