Time for an Upgrade!

I have been cramped in a 5×5 foot storage unit for some time. So I decided to switch to a larger unit for my office/studio/mancave. I now no longer have to wrestle stored junk when I access my obligatory coffee percolator, microwave or hotplate. And now, as I ready my Honda for my yearly trip to the Great American Southwest,  I know some of my most prized remnants of my past life will be safe and dry. I have several people and some family to visit, but I spend most of my winter in the desert, alone. Uncle Filthy calls me “Homeless by choice!”, and is jealous of the freedom. He is 70 and still must work to hang on.

I never vacationed much in my productive years, and all of my accumulated wealth has been taken from me. All my work has been for naught, in the Material sense. But now, as my spiritual growth continues to ever higher levels; I stand on the threshhold of a dream few can realize, in this life.

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