Here I Go Again!





As I exult in the delicious beauty of Autumn, I find my self preparing myself and my car for my yearly sojourn to the American Southwest. This year, after sampling Puerto Rico; I am so looking forward to Paso Robles, Dayton and Fallon in Northern Nevada, and just being on the road again! I stop in Algodones Mexico for a dental check-up, and some really awesome Tequila, and not necessarily in that order. It is my experience that the dentists in Algodones cannot be beat. (go to

Before I get there, by Yuma, I have thanksgiving in Laguna, California; with my big brother, Lee. In our day we did lots of dirt bike racing, including Barstow to Vegas. Other stops are full of Grandkids, and old friends, scattered across the land. Last year, I ended up camping on the Colorado River at Parker Arizona. I expect to spend this Christmas there again. UNADJUSTEDRAW_thumb_3447.jpg

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