About My Trucking, the Early Years

When I realized I was married and would have to support a family, I listened to what Dad had told me. He said son, ya’ better pick a career that is as depression-proof as possible, and something you can enjoy; because chances are you will have to work for the  rest of your life! Trucking, to me, was both.  In the You-Tube video, the only difference between the featured truck an my first bid truck, is that mine was a Peterbilt, not a KW, and Binswanger #28 had a 5 x 3, not a a 4 x 4. These trucks were lucky to have a heater. Generally you had to open the hood and turn on a water valve for that! A/C? LOL! The Main boxes generally had grandma for 1st, you rarely could use it. These are Spicer non-married transmissions. The 3sp brownie said underdrive, direct, and overdrive. Climbing the 2 lane grade on old us395 out by Escondido I would hang up the aux and have to get out and with a breaker bar, and force it back into neutral. With no place to pull out of traffic the experienced drivers would be really pissed! They had to wait for me to unlock the trans, and then, on that 7+% grade, there was NO WAY to start rolling again, except in GRANNY, which was REALLY slow to the top. I did it twice and almost got fired over it, when other drivers reported me to my safety supervisor, before I figgered out how to use both hands! You people can’t know what I went through trying to feed my family in 1973!!

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