Plotting a Bolder Course

This is gonna’ be about me. It was when my trucking career came to an abrupt close that I discovered that the bedding from my bunk from the semi could fit in the fabled Civic! Then I discovered I could go almost anywhere and not need extensive camping equipment, or have to pay campground fees. With my divorce officially ended, and with the passing of my Mom, I began my Vision Quest. So armed with my trusty Mac and Canon 60D, I headed off for the National Parks and adventure. I have been having great fun all along the the way for several years now. But a  friend of mine has been telling me about the Carribean islands for at least as long.

So, as I finally complete my obligation to the court ordered funding of my Ex and her rich son, I began considering leaving the continent. I have been to Costa Rica, on the West coast.I was looking for ideas on the good ol’ web, and connected with some people who allowed me to help with some reaching out to small churches overlooked by the world, who were suffering in silence, with no money and no grants or any support Puerto Rico has made the strongest comeback, the US Virgins not so much.PLOTPLOTPLOT   …to be continued.IMG_8849

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