Ok, Ok. If I Wanna’ be a Writer, all I have to do; IS WRITE!!!

So I have been reading a lot of stories by Clive Cussler. So many I can’t now remember what titles I have already read. Clive’s getting a breather because my Library has run out of them. Now I have re-discovered Ludlum, but his characters are so serious, where Cussler’s are really fun! And when Clive shows up in his own stories, usually a cameo in support of Dirk Pitt, you just can’t take it all too seriously! I used to love Taylor Caldwell, and read a number of her books in the 70’s; but I grabbed one of her stories recently and could not get past the first chapter! Same thing with a John Irving book. Jeez is he twisted. You may remember “The World According to Garp!”, that he wrote. But apparently; at least in John Irving’s case, it was the story, not the writer. Some other of his stories that I picked up are easy to read. I suppose that is why a Rock Star may put out 12 songs, when only one or two make it to the top of the charts!

I am now re-reading “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe”, and am loving it! Lotsa’ refreshing silliness, Monte Python style, and definitely playing off the Science Fiction writer Kurt Vonnegut for the most part. But underneath, a cold reality lurks. An old Arthur C. Clarke collection, including Sentinel. The Dictionary. Yeah, you heard me; the freaking Dictionary. What!? Reading the Dictionary? Yup! I have a good one too; and, well, you define flibbertigibbet! Go ahead, look it up; you old flibbertigibbet you! And while you are at it, just how many words from “The Jabberwocky” made it into the vernacular? Now, where is my dang camera?

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