Rest In Peace, Barbara Bush

With the passing of Barbara Bush; all media will be talking about her for years to come. But for now, all the broadcast media is promoting anecdotal stories from little people about their personal interactions with her. While I have never met her, or even been close to her; there is one story I can tell you about a man who found out just how down to earth and friendly she was. That man would be Brian Raab; the younger of my two sons.

When Brian was attending collage in Mesa Arizona, back in the late 90’s in his early 20’s, he had landed a job at the Mesa Country Club; in the kitchen. He became fascinated with the hospitality business; and learned as much as he could. He soon was given managerial duties; things like setting up menus and decor of the dining room. Then one day, his boss told him he was ready to organize the whole restaurant, from the menu to the floral arrangements; for some sort of a small political convention.

You got it, turned out to be Barbara Bush and a flock of Republicans! Well, a wonderful evening was had by all; but the upshot is that Barbara was quite fond of Brian, and posed for a photograph with her arm around his waist; and he fully decked out in his chefs hat and spatula! Brian said she was quite cordial, warm and friendly; like an old friend!


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