After leaving the prestigious Laguna Beach, and the aggravating hospitality of my beloved oldest brother, I headed north to spend time with my aggravated eldest son in PasoRobles, California. On the aggregate, I had a good time with him his wife, and his sons; my very own Grandsons. 17 and 11! Off to see Coco with Andrew and a friend, 11 year olds. They were a delight to be with, both respectful and fun! Before I left, I had a sit down with 17 year old Ian. We talked about the future.

From paso Robles, I headed East to Bakersfield, where I snuck up on an old Hi-School friend; and spent a couple of days with him. Thence ever easterly to the Johnson Valley to check up on Lee’s 5 acre property. On the way; met a nice lady headed for the infamous Slab City; an old abandoned WWII training base. Many people who can’t or don’t want to be a part of the “normal” life; have either chosen or been forced to find a place only to park, fee and harassment free.  One place this can still be done, is “Slab City”. I did not make it there; I chose the Colorado river instead.IMG_7073.jpg

LOON, in the Colorado at Parker Az.

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