Universal Plate Tectonics?


Of all things Earthly, what do we really know? No; I did not say,”What are we ALLOWED to know”, or “What are we  “TAUGHT.” Who are we? Humans, we call ourselves. What do we know? Collectively? Well, I have just been informed that all is no longer George Bush’s fault. It is Big Bad Don’s fault.  I knew that.

So here we are flying along our merry way through time and space at breakneck speeds on our plate. Yes; sigh, I have been corrected that we are on a dish (Petri’?) not a cursed globe, after all! But in the lecture on the obviosity of this fact, there is a deathly silence on the  four Elephants or even the great Turtle. I guess the Elephants are deleted because they might be misconstrued as icky Republicans; but I digress. So I asked the learned Teacher, who is feeding the Elephants?  And…

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