Here is a word that was served up to me in a collage course I am enrolled in. The class, offered online by Coursera,  of San Diego U; is called “Learning to Learn.” Right after my usual Thanksgiving Day dinner at my older brother’s house, the course used Einstellung to mean the natural resistance to a new, or different idea or fact; that does not fit  with one’s views on a subject. So whenever you have something to  to tell or share with a friend, and they respond by stopping you from telling them about it; you have been Einstellunged.

Technically speaking, it is putting up a roadblock of thoughts that preclude acceptance of new ideas. A new idea is generally met with doubt, skepticism, and just plain old non-belief. Many new ideas in the scientific community, are met with this and it stops lots of good ideas from reaching the table for examination. Or discoveries that are not allowed to be revealed. Or an associate or company who knows his ideas are better. I don’t know how to counter strongly held beliefs that stop truth from being heard, I’ll leave that for greater minds than me. But for now, at least I have a word for it!

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