Does not matter, I have a Teamster International withdrawal card, but I do not want to be on the front lines! Besides, all the Republicans, Democrats, the Catholic church and the rest of the known world is against Trump; THAT’S WHY I LIKE HIM!!!! He is a Populist! It is what got Kennedy killed; they do not like reformers, they like the Status Quo! He thwarted the plans for invasion of Crimea; he had the Navy in PR between hurricanes! Follow the money! The CIA is bringing in the drugs, selling the weapons, starting the wars in our name, running Wall street through the Fed and Trump has been warned. You play our way or else! America and civilization is at it’s end. This month is the 100th year anniversary of the Bolshevick revolution. That’s what so much of this is about. The Establishment Republicans and Democrats, Hollywood, All news media, Big business, most countries, Islam, The UN, are all playing their roles. Once they limit free speech and totally disarm the American citizen, they have their New World Order. And yes, there IS a second “hidden ” space program, and underground bases!  You should read Karl Marx, listen to Yuri Bezmenov! Look at CPUSA.com! The Banks created Communism which was funded by the US to bring Russia into line. This is just now.

 Our Planet has a history that is so ancient, this has been going on forever. Every 5,000 years or so, civilization has reached technology and has fallen. Now it is our turn. Does Man evolve or fall? I can only change one heart. This, then, is my quest, to change the heart of man; by one heart. Keep aware, the planet is alive, and is going through a cyclic phase, so say the core samples, and the rocks, and the ancestors. Yellowstone, the Cascadia fault. the poles. While we are at a Sunspot minimum, hundreds of thousands of underwater volcanoes are warming the seas and melting FLOATING ice, while the Sun is cooling. Meanwhile around 53 above water volcanoes are blowing CUBIC MILES of co2 and sulpheric acid and every other poison into our atmosphere and it has happened before!  Latest NASA satellite measures ocean level has fallen since 2015.

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