Where Were You When the Sun Stopped Shining?

GoodGopher-150x50-1.jpg Shoshone Wyoming. Thence twenty three miles East, thence twenty four miles South West. But that is not the whole story. My journey to defeat the Dragon who was going to eat the Sun began in Port Townsend. After finally leaving later than planned,  I took a wrong turn on Whidbey Island. Then, on my way to the wrong Ferry Boat; I came upon some Horses for rent! Funny, but the last time I went the wrong way there were no horses here! Well cool! After all, whenever I go on these adventurous sojourns, I always take my trusty Lucchese Sharkskins (cowboy boots to you dudes!) just in case. I chose a good one, he looked like he could run, and away I did ride! Somewhere between the Highway 20 and a power substation; I was buzzed a Brown Owl, who perched in a tree and stared at me! What a magical start to my Quest!

Later, in Marblemount, East ofSeedro-Wooley on SR20, I found a nice spot to bed down for the night, under a tree behind the Espresso shop! By dawn as soon as they started their first brew; it was Eastward for said Honda. Washington State Route 20, is as fun as it gets. But since my Civic is designed for hi fuel milage, it does not have good mountain road manners. Knowing this, I planned to take my time through the mountains and enjoy the run. It is hard to describe the exhilaration I felt by being finally free from my care-giver position with Gus, the Dogs, and the Duck, at the Morgan Hill Getaways BNB, in Port Townsend.  Eastern Washington is  little talked about region, but has incredibly rich geographical content. Worth a week or more of intense exploration, for sure! Mostly the product of Volcanic basalt, it has been tortured by erosion an a grand scale. Who knew that the Ancient Lake Bonneville drained through the Snake river, not the Colorado, except for a few rock heads. Later,  Lake Missoula, formed by advancing glaciers, finally broke through and added more flood damage to the path to the sea. More on this journey when I feel like writing it.


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