I Vance. I Am, or Am I?

I Am.   A soul in a body? Or,  a body who just has a soul. If my ego, personality, or my bodily desires are driving me;  I Am truly lost to the Blob of mindless sheeple; controlled by the owners of the Almighty Pulpit? When the dogma is more important than the Karma, long term devastation results. Messiahs pointed to the door, but no one had the guts to leave the Temple, sing the Who! But for me, I have a feeling I Am more than all that we hold dear. To control the masses is important, in part to ensure the survival of civilization. Something went wrong on this planet. The leaders of empires as far back as we can see; including God and his myriad of Holy Prophets have taught war. Always, WAR! Fight them, smite them they write! So, for Earth; whence doth the slaughter end? Born to die in war? Forever? Why?

The one thing feared by the Powerful is knowledge in the hands of the many. Dumb down the Proletariat. Drug them, yeah, that’s the ticket! Keep them doped up on materialism, food, soma entertainment, and drink! So do they allow us the freedom to alleviate the horrific treatment of our children? If I were the Commander of a planet destroying Death Star, and was asked by High Command to report back on whether or not to wipe out the human species; I would look at the treatment of their children. Planet wide. No weight on race, creed or culture. Are ALL the children of this planet safe, well fed and happy? Learning about the intrigues of the Universe in all of its Glory?  When that is true true, Earth may be spared.

I Am only able to change Me, I cannot change you; but  by thus doing so, I have changed the heart of Man by one heart.

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