Against the Wind!

I will try to describe what I have gone through by driving across this planet from the Sound to the Southwest. The Enchantment of this part of the world has Encaptured and Enthralled me to the point of Exuberance of my life! While looking out across the Great Unbroken Landscape of especially Eastern by Southern central Oregon, still mostly untouched, I felt a soaring of Spirit not possible in Towne. I had heard tell that the Desert temperatures were climbing, and, having spent most of my life in Drier climes, I was not prepared for this year’s weather! The harshest cold of winter having past, the passes were wet, and ice free. But wet! I had been expecting warm and dry!

Once out of the mountains, the plains were clear. There is something about the cold wind and high clouds that gives me a mysteriously melancholic and forlorn yearning of a dream just beyond consciousness. I slept there, in that special place, and dreamed far away. I met entities unknown, friendly and helpful. The Spirit lives there in me! A Portal, to be sure! But my lot is to be Drawn back here at Dawn, and now, I have to try to not allow the powerful teasing Decadence of Destiny to degrade my self into the accepted mindset of what is considered normal. Yea, but to soar to the Sun without burning a wing! Onward Me hearties! With the the Wind!

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