Best Read Today!

Liz Eisele
March 18, 2017 at 12:16 pm
I love this President; I love him even more than I loved Ronald Reagan. Pres. Reagan had a tough start, but not as hard as this President has, and will continue to have as long as he is in office. WHY? Think about it. The man is out to do EVERYTHING in his powers as President that he can to RESTORE this country to at the least, a resemblance of what it once was. Little did we know just how FAR AWAY from that this country has gone. WE could see much, but it wasn’t until DONALD TRUMP began to move closer to the White House, that the REAL picture of AMERICA became all to clear. In my small opinion, what an UGLY picture it is. America is CORRUPT Inside & Out. It has become BIZZARO WORLD! Everything that was Black, or White, has become Grey. Everything that stood for something GOOD, has now become a symbol of Evil, like our Flag. Dirty, Vulgar, and Evil language, that would NEVER have been spoken in front of women, especially your mother, has become the language not only of men, but also of many women. Children are being raised to believe that even though their Birth Certificate may say that they are either male, or female, it may not necessarily be true, depending on how they might feel at a later date. The Office that Once was considered the highest in the land, and it’s occupant, the Leader of the Free World, has now become the target of total mockery, and disrespect. Why? To me, and I am quite sure many others, it is because we spent our last 8 years with a “President” that destroyed that picture. He down played the importance of the Rule of Law. He ran into the GROUND the authority of our Police, and conjured a picture in the minds of his followers, that all those in authority, that were not in agreement with Him, were WRONG. Hence he did what he knew how to do best, he ORGANIZED. He organized our country to become a totally divided NATION, not Under GOD, not in standing with our FLAG, and all that it represents, but a Nation, well least half of it, under the Rule of SELF, without Moral Standards, totally motivated by how it FEELS. There is so much more to be said. Donald J. Trump, our President, that was, and is elected FAIRLY, is trying to bring this country back to a HIGH MORAL STANDARD. All the Gates of Hell have come against Him because He is getting in their way. The Deep State, and its leader, BHO, want to finish the job of making the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, into another lawless, divided, state of the Third World. Our President is Bound, & Determined not to let that Happen. ALL of US that support him are also BOUND, & DETERMINED To back him with all of our Might. America MUST NOT Die the same Death as these other countries are. GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT, and GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY, and may HE Have MERCY on us!!

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