What Happened to my Cane?


The other day, about two months ago, Gus and I stopped by to visit one of my friends who lives on a sailboat at the Port Hadlock Marina. Gus was using his favorite cane, (he has a great collection of them) and after meeting Tim, a live aboard sailor with a 40′ sailboat, who is one year older than Gus, who is 94, we seemed to have left the cane there. I was unaware of where it was and I never could find it. It has a small boiler plate with his old Ann Arbor, Michigan address.

Well, there is a group of family of Gypsies who manage the Marina, among the other entrepreneurial endeavors that they do; one of which is  is a band.

I know some of their clan, Like Brandy, who is a boat broker. Now Gus’ last name is Stager, and his daughter is Raab, like me! Imagine her surprise when Brandy, after searching face book and tying her to Gus, calls her and returns the long lost cane!


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