Nicknames, Handles, and The Legend of Bad Habit Rabbit

When I was a kid, my classmates always called me Rab. Mispronouncing my last name, Raab, which sounds like Saab. In the old Captain Kangaroo Show, there was a bunny always getting in trouble, in Mr. Greenjeans garden. Like the Don’t Bee on Romper Room, He was instructional to kids on what NOT to do. He was, of course, “The Bad Habit Rabbit”.

So, as I entered Jr. and High school, I was called Rabbi and Rabbit because of my name. But it wasn’t until my Senior year, that one of the “Bad Guys” of Villa Park,  one Louie Fusco, designated me, “the Bad Habit Rabbit”.

Another handle I use, is Sir Vancelot. I guess due to a severe attitude of low self esteem, I ran with some kids who would go on to be some really bad dudes! Dan’l Dunn, for instance. His girlfriend, Debbie Ison, first called me Sir Vancelot in 1966. Jimmie Albano, another thug of a guy, impressed me so much with his simplicity and strength of character, that I used his name as the middle name for my first son, Neal.

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