Nostalgiae Tempus

IMG_1263Some one recently sent me one of those whiney emails about how cool their youth was. You know, I used to leap tall buildings, rassle my weight in alligators, beat weasels at whack-a-mole and the like! Okay I get it. I suppose you could look at it that way; but I don’ wanna! I look at the new things that I can do; I just finished a photo display that lights up! Basically, I had a signmaker print a picture on 1/8″ lucite plastic, framed it and put a light behind it. My time is my own, now! I am gracefully surrendering the things of youth (Desiderata). I could never have found the time for this when I was working for survival. I remember aches, pains, fatigue, gut wrenching fear for not being able to pay bills, adreanal burnout, frustration, family, worry, dispatchers, plant managers out to destroy my company, other jealous workers, drivers, state, federal and local agencies ordering compliance on so many issues, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations(which I knew better than most Highway patrolmen, sheriffs, cops and companies)   injuries, (including, but not limited to broken foot, 3rd degree burns, cracked shoulder, two massive hernias). So QUIT YER BITCHEN, BUTTERCUP! That’s right me Lovelies, consider the alternative. Just being able to feel some pain means your body is workin’! Gus is 93. Tim is 94. I never hear any pissin and moanin’ from either of them! They can tell us stories!

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