Reflections on Refractions

IMG_5011.JPGCan you see?   Light is refracted. It lavishly pours out of Sol, all over the air and then, it goes to a rock. I see the rock. Sure, I can feel the stone in my hand, but refracted light makes you visible. I throw it at you; but reflective light from it hits your eye, and you duck! (Sorry, you were too slow, I got you!) Astronomers look at old light. Does Light end? Ever? I dunno’, it doesn’t take much to stop Light, but unimpeded, maybe a photon is forever. What if a photon stopped. Would it go out? I don’t know about the “photon vs. wave length” aspect of Light. maybe you do. …hmm. So if darkness is the absence of light, both really and metaphorically, then why don’t we try to shed light on this subject?  We always try to help out some one who is having a “dark” day. We want to “lighten” their mood. We say, “Lighten up!”. Someone we know and like, walks into our aura. We magically feel glad to see them, right? They have a smile that lights up the darkness. Wow, what a thing to believe. Laughter lightens one’s mood. It is interesting that the parallels in the use of lightness and darkness seem to work so well. So, my New Year resolve is to “LIGHTEN UP” By doing so myself, I have lightened up Mankind by one heart!

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