Dateland, Arizona


This is Dateland. A small oasis down off the I-8, on my way to Yuma. It is small compared to the Indio date farms, but is lot’s of fun. It has been raining since Buckeye, where I stopped to see the horses at the yearly Rodeo. Horses and their families come from all over the country, and a lot of Canadians too. Don’t know where the rain came from, but it sure changes the character of the desert! Tomorrow, Yuma and into California, to park at the Indian casino’s parking lot. They maintain it for us who do not want to drive in Mexico. From there it is a short and fun walk through Algodones to Dr Rubio’s offices. I can’t wait to start sampling the Tequila!  This time, I promise not to dance with Bad Man Jose’s girl friend, and I promise to leave Wicked Felina alone. Hopefully, i shall return, but if you don’t hear from me in a couple of days, just send my bail to the Algodones Jail. Good nite Diane, where ever you are! OK.

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