Awareness and the Solstice


Lately, as I look at the mountains, rivers, fields  and forests, there is a profound difference coming from them. It is a dimensional shift of my life, I could say. No longer merely a backdrop to my life, every part of the world has now become, excitingly, more significant to me. I am being spoken to, somehow, spiritually; may I share this with you?

As we sail around our friendly ‘lil ol’ Sun, I have come to realize we are truly “No less than the trees and stars”, as the Desiderata declares.  So, right before Christmas, Earth goes into the curve of our Orbit, and, midway into the curve occurs the Winter Solstice. All of the ancient remnants of whoever came before, have a method of noting this change in their stone Monuments, worldwide. At this Solstice, Winter begins, but also heads us back to Spring. We, in the West, don’t care much about it. But I for one, will be really relieved to see that we will NOT continue away from the Sun , and be heading off into freezing space, never to be seen again! Therefore, In Port Townsend, Washington, on the  Hallowed Grounds of the Senergy Station, all are invited to the soon to be famous  First Annual Synchronistic Port Townsend Solstice Party! For more info, contact me at

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