OK, So I Missed an Insignificant Turn 75 Miles back!

Right! Ended up on US 26 East for a runaround to US 95 South! So much for my paper GPS. You truckers never got off route, right? My offramp looked more like a farm access road than a major US highway, and the added milage was a small price to pay for the experience! Whenever I make this journey, the changing scenery always blows me away! Part of the allure of having been a trucker, is this sense of freedom, not being stuck in one place, but to feel the changing regions, weather, flora and fauna, and the geology! Shortly after I crossed the Cascades Mountains, they began requiring chains.

I made it to Fallon, Nv. and spent one night in Jerry’s Flying Service hanger, which is full of awesome aircraft; including the Bell Helicopter and a T-33 trainer from WWII, but the hot 1980 Lear gone. Traded it fer a newer Citation…sigh. Coffee in Hawthorne Nv. with Jeff, no time to see Uncle Filthy in Dayton on this run, maybe next time, Steve! Had to hammerdown for 630 miles, a little rest in Wickenburg, Az. Saw real strange stuff over Area 51 that night, which is not unusual, didn’t even slow down for ‘Vegas.

Upon arriving early to my 10:30 appointment in Mesa Az.,  I prepared to be tortured at the hands of my Prolotherapist, Dr. Vance Inouye.(hmm-mm, unusual name).  My  regimen included a half dozen shots in each knee after an extraction of copious amounts of my precious blood. The good doctor did promise to return it, after he zapped with the proper wave length of light,(no joke). This, in conjunction with the aforementioned shots, will further the growth of cartilage around my joints; thus negating any surgery or knee replacements, which is what the medical doctors told me I would need.

After the needle attack, I drove up up to lend some help to an old friend in Globe Az. One of my first trucking jobs was hauling cement to the big copper mine up there, back in 1972; so I knew the road, which is a scenic drive of the highest order. I haven’t seen her fer a ‘couple o’ years, but since I was in the area, only 80 miles away, give or take, I wanted to see her. We had dinner at her house, and she told me what was going on. I thought we should handle it spiritually and included Luna, another good friend (most of my friends are “good”, except Paul and Jeff; Jim is questionable) who added her energy to the resolution of Mary’s situation. Well, our prayers were answered by Noon the next day when Mary received news that she would get the new position that she had studied so hard for! She is delighted, to say the least; because it was looking like that after  all the hard work and expense Mary had done might be wasted, up until now!

Got email from home; seems Ann Raab,  Gus and the dogs ( not to mention the poor underfed Ladies that Ann keeps locked in the deep, dark, well hidden corporate office bunker of the GreenPod group, and the underpaid Annette)  miss me already. They want me to come home; my family must have figger’d out how much fun I’m having in this shorts and sandals weather!    ( Pics are in the Superstitions, Az.)

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