Now Begins My Autumnly Sojourn South


Finally! On the road again! And man, does it feel good! Stopped at Starbucks down by Olympia, for a brew! Only occasionally do I take caffiene coffee, but it is a treat! Relax, doctor, my refill will be de-caf. I want to take US 95 down, but have not decided which pass to use. I will probably take one in Oregon. Don’t know where I lay my head tonite, I am coming on the pipe, as old dirt riders used to say. So pumped, I miss my trucking days. This is the first time in my own car I have been in a hurry, but I now have a home and family and friends urging me back. This is the first time in years I have felt truly loved, needed and wanted by so many! I actually have a family now!

What normally took 4 months or more, I will try to do in three weeks. I already miss my lil’ underground bunker at the Beautiful Morgan Hill Getaway B&B in port Townsend, Wa., but the call of the Great American Southwest is singing Her Sweet Song,img_4151 and winter makes this journey do-able.

Nevada, prepare yourself  Uncle Filthy, Ricochet and Jeff! I attack at daybreak! Phoenix for Prolozone shots in my kneecaps then Algodones for dental work; (and righteous Tequila.) Then Norte’ to Brother Lee,  (and his Lovely wife, Sharon) for Thanksgiving, so much to thank for, at least on my plate!!  Until next time, my lovelies…

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