Gus and Me

GUS STAGER  (click on this!)IMG_5052.jpg

Gus is 93. I am 66. Just a kid in his eyes. He is my friend. He is a legend back in Ann Arbor, Mi. He was a swimming Coach in the University there, and was instrumental in teaching the 1964 Olympic swimming team to dive competitively. Cared for by his daughter, my infamous “not” sister,  Ann Raab.   Gus, at the magical Morgan Hill B&B in Port Townsend Wa. was commissioned by her to watch over me while she was on a much deserved vacation from her duties as the genius behind the famous GreenPods ( modules, and the soon to be famous Senergy Station. All this and running the Morgan Hill Getaway house in Port Townsend. This was just one of the many things we did when her back was turned! Scott supplied the BarB que venue, dog is Ann’s Sophie.

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