As Summer Yields to Autumn


So, now what? I could go East, I could go South. A true  Rainbird, I hear  Mexico  calling.  Algodones, my awesome dentist, Dr. Rubio. His twin offices surround the La Parrida Tequila bar, but of course, that has nothing to do with anything, least of all, my love of Tequila, as a dental pain killer. Mexican dentists generally charge one third what most American dentists do, and use American made jack hammers! Seriously, their technology is new and state of the art. Park in the Indian parking lot, walk across, and you are allowed 1 750 milliliter bottle of duty free tequila per trip. And that is, unless you use, oh, say a different line, and well, when they change shifts in customs,(hee-hee). I recommend Don Riccardo’s Premium Anejo! (tastes like melted butter) or 99,000 Hores, also Anejo. Many really great Tequilas above and beyond Patron!

I went to Dayo Dental ( to find Dr. Rubio. This outfit checks the quality and gives a free bus ride to Yuma for your first visit from Buckeye, Az. The tequila, well, you are on yer own! free tasting in the big Purple liquor store. The only drawback is waiting in line during the winter for the Canadians, who all head south for the winter, are a bunch of drunks and have no dental plan in the Great Canadian Social Medical system! Stay tuned to vancerants, and if I get enough complaints, I promise deliver more pain in the future! Adios’ me hearties fer now!



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