Where Have I been?

Well, I have been ignoring my Post, evidently. Finally, Starbright got a good home. I have partied with  Toors, an international group of small hacker companies, on Orcas Island.  I have gone to see Justin Hayward in a small theater  in Aberdeen, Wa. I have taken time to wander up the West Coast of Washington.

I have been learning about different media for printing my photographs. I love translucent materials, such as Lucite, Plexiglas, or Glass, and have met with people who can produce my pictures on these and other types of unconventional materials. I want to do Light Murals, for room dividers and window hangers. This image of Bridget,  came from an unpublished collection of an ageing French Photographer, is embedded  between two plates of 3/8″ tempered glass. My meeting with the producers of this, was all good. Now, imagine some of my best Photographs instead of Bridget and her cigar. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!IMG_4586.jpg

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