Coming Home to Westport

I have made the Peninsula at Port Townsend, my  “Go To” home for years now. But I have always been intrigued  and enchanted by the coasts of Oregon and Washington. Winter brings huge breakers that never cease, and start almost a quarter mile out. They are not well shaped, as they are blown out, but they never quit. I have loved stormy weather, because when you grow up in Southern California, you sorta’ forfeit storms for constant and unrelenting perfect weather year ’round. The difference in the beaches of the  North and South are amazing! Washington vs. Southern California. The Puget Sound is like unto itself, but I have decided to experience the coast at Westport, Washington. It is on a little isthmus, North of the Columbia River. It is called Washington’s First Beachtown, and has a big fishing fleet here. That’s all about a bay called Gray’s Harbor, which has a past strewn with history.  IMG_4235IMG_4230IMG_4178

If all goes well, I may have my own room here , as of next week, stay tuned!

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