On The Road Again!

After my back treatment in Tacoma, said Civic and I ran down to Aberdeen, Famous only for the Nirvana guy Kurt Colvane. I stopped in a C-Store, and actually met his step Sister! From Aberdeen Washington, thence North to an Indian Casino called Quinalt, near Ocean Shores. The Indian Casinos generally let travelers sleeping their RV lots. It is safe, and facilities are near. This Casino is right on the beach! Oregon and Washington beaches are different than Cali Beaches. The surf has a much stormier feel. The waves are continual, about 6 to 10 feet, and generally blown out. Beaches are ok to drive on. There are stretches that can be driven on for 50 miles!

They are colder than Southern California beaches, and so, much less crowded; at least till Summer. The city folks know where they are!

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