Harleys and Helicopters

…soo-o. Here am I, in the Daily Grind Espresso bar, Fallen,Nv. enjoying a fabulous cup o’ joe by a fireplace, while it’s freezing out side. I am listening to some old men talking about their Grandparents lives. It’s a  fur piece from Urban Bean, in Phoenix; or the Sunrise Coffee Shop, in Port Townsend, Wa.  After leaving Phoenix, I drove the Extra Terrestrial Highway, and stopped  in Tonopah, Nv. on Christmas Night. I then found my way up to Uncle Filthy’s porting and head shop in Dayton Nevada, where I stayed for some relief for a few days. I have known Filth since hi-school, and he has been involved with some of the biggest names in racing.

And that brings me to  to Fallon, Nv.  where Jerry, owner of Frey’s Flying Service  lets me stay in the Hanger, in a small room overlooking a veritable fleet of aircraft, including his ’53 Bell helicopter, which he has taken me up in .  Now, if I can just cajole him into a ride in that old Air Force trainer from WWII…

It’s 1900 PST at the airport, and The Citation has just landed. Jerry says c’mon, let’s get a hamburger! Thus invited, I’ll rarely turn down free food.


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