As the Moon is on the wane,  I find myself at the Hotel laguna, downtown Laguna Beach, California, staring through the windows and across the water to Catalina Island.

Yesterday I met Jimmy Rooney, son of Micky Rooney, right here in the little bar. Really friendly fella, he.  He had a doll on his arm, who was made up to look like the stereotypical street hooker. I believe her to have been an actress. Cute! Four or five inch spike heels, in silver metalflake on clear plastic. Red and white striped leotards, gold super tight skirt, and long curly blonde hair. His e-mail address indicated that he works for Disney, in Voices, most likely for the animation, people.

So different is the texture and the feeling of the Pacific Ocean here, from the Northern beaches of the Puget Sound. Much more relaxed, calmer, lighter in color. There are no pelicans in the Sound, here, they abound. Apparently, the day I left Port Hadlock, a severe storm landed, bad enough to wreck the seawall at the Hadlock Marina. According to Skipper Dave, my live aboard friend there, several boats ended up on the beach.

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