Starbright’s Future

Such a venerable beauty as Starbright needs more than this poor man can supply. I have done much research, and am now seeking an organization to take her on instead of me. There are groups around the Puget Sound that do take on project boats such as wooden boat building schools. Restoration for preservation of a part of culture lost is their gig. They relish their calling as stewards of such boats. Since Starbright has a pedigree, she will find a home where she will be brought back to her former glory. Every month in the back of Wooden Boat magazine, there are such “free” boats, and the result of such is evident every year at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, at the end of Summer every year. Restored, renovated, polished and varnished, you will see them there, including tall ships. With any luck, Starbright will be adopted by the Ben Seaborne people. They love Ben’s boat’s and would be best for her.

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