All Hands with Interest in Sailing, but can’t afford it.

Do you take vacations? Do you like adventure? Are you amazed by history? Does Geology Fascinate you? Would you like to leave your kids and theirs something meaningful? Sir Vancelot has just discovered not one but THREE Sailboats of Craftsman Quality to be GIVEN right now to me personally. They are FREE, should I accept them. In various states of repair and or restoration, all actually float, and can be sailed or powered through the Sound.Most they need cosmetic repairs. There are more out there, but I digress.

In the Puget Sound area, there are literally hundreds of marinas full of boats of all descriptions. As people become more affluent, many invest in a yacht, or two. As economies fail, these “luxury” items must go. They, without a strong middle class economy, have no market. This is true on both coasts and the Gulf, the Islands and world wide. Some of these owners got these boats, because of their love of sailing, and are of specific designs and builders, for a type of sailing. Fast and sleek, slow and heavy, small and nimble, large and ocean going, live aboard-able and survivable. Some of these owners would actually prefer to give it to a party who could love it as they did, rather than sell it to an uncaring buyer.

Port Townsend is noted for being home to a wooden boat community of craftsmen and builders. Their are several boats right now being restored, including one owned by John Steinbeck, built in the ’20’s. The boats I am seeing, however, do not require a huge investment to cherry up. So, enough of that, now for the pitch.
I am looking for an idea of grabbing one or more of these boats, to be cherried up and sailed, or sold eventually, as the market improves.

My Idea is that a small group of people, support a specific boat, to be able to come and live aboard in the Spring and Summer, as owners. I would order all repairs and outfitting as required, as I am friends with craftsmen of the highest order in the boatbuilding biz. I know that the boats or boat to be presented for consideration of the co-owners, will not be a non-ended money pit, but be affordable, with the goal of pride of ownership, and possibly honorable at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival. Interested? Drop me a line.

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