They want to GIVE Her to me!


This boat may be Sir Vancelot’s new home! That’s right, the owner can’t sell her, so wants to give her to me! She is Star Bright, born in the same year as me, designed and built by Sea Borne, Seattle, a venerable and well followed designer of many years. She has graceful and sleek lines, and with a 56′ main mast, fast in light air. Spacious and well outfitted inside she has a delightful aura, and seems to like me. Solid and dry, made with care and craftsmanship, is more solid than many younger boats that I have turned down. After re-setting the new Mizzen mast, I will sand and paint her to prepare her for winter. Her new home will likely be MacKay Bay, Lopez Island, Washington.
Next Spring I will work on her rigging and sails, and learn to sail her, in preparation for my goal of sailing the Canadian Fiords, North of Vancouver, B.C. Stay tuned!

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