For a more secure Internet Experience

Good Saturday to y’all! It looks and feels like Autumn up in the Olympic Peninsula today. High wispy overcast clouds, and a forecast of rain. The deciduous trees losing their green to yellow, red, orange and dark maroon. It makes one yearn for Home. When I looks toward Winter, I feel a melancholy sense of wonder as Nature bows down her head, in preparation for Weather’s coming changes.
Today, I want to share some tricks that I have learned and incorporated into my computer. I use several trick sites when surfin’ the Web. First, there’s Startpage, a search engine that does not record your ip address, and is based in the Netherlands. Their sister engine, Ixquick, is the international version. If you noticed my email address is at This too, is in the Netherlands, and very secure. But one of the trickest deals out there, is a browser called Tor. The is an amazing system that shows your computer in a different country every time you open it! Adblock does exactly what it says, and it works GOOD! But my favorite one, because it shows hidden tracking companies following your every move! (who knew?) It is Try it and it will blow you away!

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